PTIT Center for International Education (The CIE) is a center of Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT), a leading public university in ICT disciplinaries in Vietnam. At The CIE, we provide exceptional opportunities to all of our students to study international-oriented programs and working opportunities in abroad. In addition, The CIE offers exchange programs, professional development programs for home and international students. As part of our commitment to promoting the broadest possible access to international education for home and international students at PTIT, The CIE offers favorable programs with strong linkage and integration with international partners with student-centered learning and teaching methodology. We also provide a flexible admission structure and a learning strategy designed to engage learners throughout their learning paths to ensure their success before, during and after studying at The CIE.
Our international programs include:
• Joint International Programs for different levels of Bachelor’s, Engineer’s, Master’s (2+2, 3+1, 1+1) and PhD.
• Inbound and outbound exchange / mobility programs for domestic and international students.
• International job opportunities for graduate students in global markets.
• Basic and advanced professional training courses to make students ready for world of work.

The DNA of CIE

Where We Are

The Center for International Education is located in Posts and Telecommunication Institute of Technology; at 5th Floor, Building A1, Km10, Nguyen Trai, Ha Dong, Hanoi


To develop PTIT’s Center for International Education (the CIE) to become a hub for the internationalization in higher education, professional training and services for society.

Director & Leadership

Past and present—Center for International Education has entrusted visionaries, mavericks, dreamers, and inventors to lead us into the next chapter.

Shaping the Future

Always looking ahead, The Center for International Education’s 2025 Strategic Plan builds on the momentum of current successes.

Our Students Are

Our Students Are

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