ProEUHE Project – “Promoting the EU and the European higher education visibility among universities in Vietnam through multimedia communications” has been officially launched. 

The kick-off meeting of the ProEUHE project – “Promoting the EU and the European higher education visibility among universities in Vietnam through multimedia communications” was held at Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT) on December 22nd together with the EU Day 2020, which are considered as the first activities of the project.

The Pro-EUHE Project has officially launched at PTIT.

With the implementation period of 18 months as of November 2020, ProEUHE Project aims to build and develop effective multimedia tools to promote visibility about the European Union (EU), European integration and especially the higher education system of Europe and EU as well.

The project also contributes to raising awareness of the EU and the EU’s higher education among university students, leaders, and academic and non-academic staff in Vietnam.

The project also aims to foster academic exchange and mobility between Vietnam and the EU, thereby contributing to bringing Vietnamese education closer to the “globalization” standard by promoting research and training cooperation in long run between the two regions.

EU Day 2020 has been taken place at PTIT.

As the first activity of the project, EU Day 2020 was a good chance for students to experience multimedia applications to explore the culture and education of EU member countries as well as understand more about culture, architecture, scholarship opportunities and learning conditions in Europe.

As planned, there will be many project activities such as Summer School, EU Day 2021, training courses to help students and lecturers of PTIT and universities in Vietnam have an overview about the EU and its education system. The program will equip learners with necessary information to make decisions about where to live and study in EU. Also, the project will facilitate staff and lecturers to gain more useful knowledge about European higher education system such as ECTS credit system, the Bologna Process, EU’s competency framework and so on to serve their missions.

In 2021, ProEUHE Project will focus on developing multimedia tools for promotion and training activities. Those are expected to provide students with pratical knowledge to choose locations, study majors in EU; meanwhile they will also help university leaders and staff the approach to create a bridge to connect the Vietnamese and EU’s education system.

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