On October 22, 2019, at PTIT, Hanoi campus, the preliminary ceremony of the cooperation program between the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT) and Samsung Electronic Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Samsung VN) took place. There was the attendance of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vu Van San, PTIT President, PTIT’s Board of Directors and Mr. Kim In Su, General Director of Samsung Vietnam Research and Development Center.

Dr. Vu Tuan Lam, PTIT’s Vice President, gave his speech at the ceremony

According to the report at the ceremony, in 2019, PTIT and Samsung Vietnam developed specific and comprehensive cooperation plans, aiming to the development of both PTIT and Samsung Vietnam. Practical activities between the two parties have created development opportunities for officials, lecturers and especially students to access advanced knowledge, have good preparation before graduation as well as have the opportunity to find a job in one of the leading electronic businesses in the world. Specifically, in 2019, there were 15 applied algorithms courses for over 500 PTIT students, of which 120 students were awarded certificates of excellent results. In addition, the two sides have jointly organized contests on programming and software; Samsung VN has supported professional and academic activities, as well as the Samsung Lab; Organizing seminars, maintaining online test page, exam preparation and supporting ACM/ICPC teams, co-organizing round 2 of SCPC competitions and some other activities for IT clubs.

Mr. Kim In Su, General Director of Samsung Vietnam Research and Development Center gave his speech at the ceremony

Giving his speech at the ceremony, Dr. Vu Tuan Lam, PTIT’s Vice President, shared: “Over the years, Samsung Vietnam is one of the leading important partners of PTIT. The content of cooperation between the two sides has promoted the potential and strengths of a leading research and training organization in Vietnam in the field of ICT and a business of a large technology company in the world in Vietnam.”  At the same time, PTIT’s Vice President also expressed his desire to develop a long-term and sustainable cooperation relationship with Samsung Vietnam in the coming years .



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