In the morning of August 23, 2019, in classroom 504, Building A1 – the campus for students of the High-Quality Training System of PTIT, the Centre for International Education organized an English workshop with the topic “From a PTIT student to become a lecturer of CSI / CUNY” (. Coming to the workshop there was the presence of guests, the speaker, Doan Quang Minh – a former student of PTIT, and many students from the high-quality classes of PTIT.

What should be done in the course of university study, after graduation from university, where will I go, where I will arrive and how will I start up my career? … Those are the questions that make students in general and high quality IT students in particular always wonder. Right from the time of studying in a university lecture hall, the finding and identifying for the student’s her/himself a right direction, which is in line with the trend of the time, with professional qualifications, her/ his own ability, and able to meet more and more rigorous demand and requirements of the labor markets and society are always considered one of the most important factors determining the success of student’s future career.

In the context, students are still wondering, have not shaped, have not chosen for themselves a suitable path concerning their study process, profession and start-up in the future or the issues students are interested in, but there have been no satisfactory answers and solutions, the sharing and sincere advice from former student Doan Quang Minh, one of the PTIT elite students have successfully completed the transition study under the 2+2 program majoring in Computer Science in the USA, with practical experiences and a lot of gained success in his learning, working and daily life are really an extremely valuable opportunity for the high-quality students when they took part in the exchange and enjoyed so interesting and useful interactive moments with Doan Quang Minh. After graduation from CSI/ CUNY, Doan Quang Minh continued to study under the master’s training program, and currently, he is working as a lecturer in Computer Science of CSI/ CUNY University, and an international peer advisor of International Centre, CSI/ CUNY.

At the English workshop, Doan Quang Minh attracted the kind attention, excitement, openness, and willing sharing of high-quality students through the following activities:

  • Sharing his own story about the way to conquer his dream of studying abroad and improving his study results to meet the transition conditions;
  • Sharing his own story of integrating student life abroad (the homestay time, the time of working part-time at the International Centre, the time of working as a team leader of the table tennis team of CSI/ CUNY …)
  • Sharing his own experiences in studying and cultivating himself as well as properly determining a career orientation for an IT student;
  • Answering the other exchange questions of the students.

The full participation and active interaction of the high-quality students with Mr. Doan Quang Minh have to make a contribution to the success of the workshop along with the practical benefits and meanings for the high-quality students. Hopefully, next to English workshops/ special topics will increasingly attract the attention, enthusiastic support, and more active participation of all high-quality students in particular and PTIT students in general.


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